How many is enough?

How many knitting projects is it acceptable to have on the go at once?

My family already tease me because of my reading habits – doesn’t everyone have an upstairs book and a downstairs book, a book for lunchtime at work…and a Kindle for travelling? So am I weird to have a ‘watching mindless TV’ project (something a bit challenging),  a ‘watching something interesting’ project (something easy), a ‘sitting in the kitchen having a chat after eating with the family’ project (usually a bit of crochet) and a ‘passenger on a long car journey’ project (something small so I don’t poke hubby with the needles)?

I’ve got so many ideas going round my head at the moment that I can’t wait to start them – but I am trying to ration myself. Let’s complete at least one of the four current projects before I start the next. C’mon folks, what’s the most you’ve had on the go at once?


Pretty in pink

Pretty in pink

Is this a cop out for my very first blog – putting up an image? But they say a picture speaks a thousand words and this is one of my favourite items from my tea cosy range of hand knits, so it does set the scene for what’s to come!