Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

Thank you Jean/creativepixie for nominating me for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award – how lovely are you! It may not be an Oscar but it is a great way of sharing the love (and the blogs) from other talented and creative people. If you enjoy getting awards, please take advantage of this and enjoy blogs from people you may not be aware of – if you hate them, then apologies (but consider it a compliment anyway 😉


Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

To accept this award, there are a few rules we need to follow:
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Why didn’t I take the blue pill?

Have you seen The Matrix? The scene where Morphius offers Neo the choice of the red pill which will allow him see the matrix for what it is…or the blue pill where he will remain forever in blissful ignorance. I know how he must have felt – Why, oh why didn’t I just throw those old CDs in the recycling bin??

It all began when I was helping my son clear out four years of accumulated detritus from his room, having just returned home after graduating from uni. We found a pile of about 30 old CDs and CD-roms – we were on the point of throwing them out when I  had the eureka moment. “Hmm, I bet I could make something out of those”, says I. “There’s bound to be something on Youtube” says he.

Indeed there was – loads of ideas – many of them too naff to even contemplate. But one that caught my eye was a crochet bag so that very evening, armed with 14 CDs, crochet hook, a 100g ball of yarn from my stash and loads of enthusiasm for a new project, off I set. Almost a month and 250g yarn later (I had to go and purchase more to complete it – luckily they still had some left in the store), older and much wiser, I have finally finished it. I still can’t work out why it took so long – no individual part was lengthy – each CD took about 20mins to prep, I could join a couple together of an evening, even the roses don’t take that long to complete – so why do I feel like I’ve run a marathon??

Anyway, here it is – I have to admit I’m quite pleased with it. I shall probably use it like a briefcase and carry files to work in it (but not on wet days ;-). I find I keep thinking about what I’d improve if I do another……Nooooo………..Morphius, give me the blue pill now!!!!ImageImageImage

Super Sweet Blogging Award

super sweet bloggging award
Humongous thank you to t.e.d.d.y for nominating me for the Super Sweet Blogging Award.
To encourage colourful and sweet blogs everywhere, this award involves five steps to complete:
1. Thank the Super Sweet Blogger that nominated you (see above).
2. Answer 5 Super Sweet questions (see below).
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1: Cookies or Cake?
Well both but not chocolate as it occasionally gives me migraine
2: Chocolate or Vanilla?
Has to be vanilla (see Q1)
3: Favourite Sweet Treat?
Home made Victoria sandwich or a cream scone
4: When Do You Crave Sweet Things The Most?
About 3.30pm with a cup of tea
5: If you had a sweet nick name what would it be?
Cream puff 😉
My baker’s dozen (13) nominees are:
All wrapped up!

Top 9+1 Literary Quotes In Star Trek

I may be fully ‘out’ in terms of my knitting and crochet – but until now I’d kept one little secret back…..yes, I’m, a closet Trekkie. And since I also love books and reading I found this little collection fascinating! I know Patrick Stewart’s Shakesperian background gave him a head start but even Captain Kirk has a literary bent it seems 😉

Justin Sargeant

This list is comprised of my favorite literary quotes from Star Trek. There are a plethora I could have chosen from, (in fact I have 61 total quotes lining the walls of my classroom) but I had to perform the difficult job of narrowing it down. If you have others you think should be on the list, by all means add them in the comments.

Now, without further ado…

#10 from Star Trek VII: Generations

“What we leave behind is not as important as how we have lived.”

-Captain Jean-Luc Picard


from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

“How we deal with death is at least as important as how we deal with life.”

Captain James T. Kirk

(These aren’t literary quotes, but I love the ideas behind them. Plus, I needed to fill one more spot.)

#9 from Star Trek VIII: First Contact

“Rumors of my…

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Another one bites the dust

Upcycled container for storing recycled carrier bags - made from old carrier bags!

Upcycled container for storing recycled carrier bags – made from old carrier bags!

Come on all my lovely bloggin’ buddies, I need some knitting therapy please! I’ve just finished a project – only a simple one, one of my ‘bag of bags’ for spare carrier bags but made out of plastic bags itself (see pic). This means that I know have only two projects on the go at the moments and I’m likely to have finished both those by Sunday. Well, technically I have a third because there’s the sweater I’ve been knitting for my hubby since February but hey, who wants to be knitting an aran sweater in summer!

Anyway, by the weekend (do not read this next bit if you are of a sensitive disposition) I may have no projects on the go (apart from said sweater). I know….how awful is that!

I am saving the Crochet Camp projects for our 2-3 hour journey to London and back on Saturday to move our son back home for a few weeks following an internship, prior to taking up a permanent job in London.  But, lovely and practical as they are, I will probably have finished it by the time we get home.

So, bearing in mind I prefer medium sized projects that don’t take too long, what should I tackle next?