Recycling with style!

My pretty stripey handbag made from plastic carrier bags

My pretty stripey handbag made from plastic carrier bags


Just done a photo-shoot for my latest creation – a handbag made from ‘plarn’ (or recycled carrier bags)! Gosh, ‘photo-shoot sounds so grand doesn’t it – in reality I just got my son to take a few pics whilst  the sun was shining. I usually photograph everything myself but since he’s back home from uni for a while, I thought I might as well make use of him – plus one of us had to wear a pretty frock to act as a backdrop for the bag and for some strange reason he flatly refused to do that …. children, huh!

Anyway, here it is in all its glory – courtesy of several friends who were only too happy to donate old carriers (made them feel less guilty about having picked them up I guess)…. I suppose I ought to acknowledge Sainsbury’s as well since the orange stripes are exclusively from their bags.

I only wish I’d tried this years ago when plastic carriers were more prevalent – much better than going to landfill. Nowadays we’re much more concious of the harm plastic bags do to the environment so there aren’t so many about. Ha ha, I did have to explain to one friend that no, even though Superdrug does do lovely deep pink carriers, going into the shop and asking for some bags was rather defeating the object of the exercise 😉

Anyway, if you want a better look or more info, you can find it on – enjoy!


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