Why didn’t I take the blue pill?

Have you seen The Matrix? The scene where Morphius offers Neo the choice of the red pill which will allow him see the matrix for what it is…or the blue pill where he will remain forever in blissful ignorance. I know how he must have felt – Why, oh why didn’t I just throw those old CDs in the recycling bin??

It all began when I was helping my son clear out four years of accumulated detritus from his room, having just returned home after graduating from uni. We found a pile of about 30 old CDs and CD-roms – we were on the point of throwing them out when I  had the eureka moment. “Hmm, I bet I could make something out of those”, says I. “There’s bound to be something on Youtube” says he.

Indeed there was – loads of ideas – many of them too naff to even contemplate. But one that caught my eye was a crochet bag so that very evening, armed with 14 CDs, crochet hook, a 100g ball of yarn from my stash and loads of enthusiasm for a new project, off I set. Almost a month and 250g yarn later (I had to go and purchase more to complete it – luckily they still had some left in the store), older and much wiser, I have finally finished it. I still can’t work out why it took so long – no individual part was lengthy – each CD took about 20mins to prep, I could join a couple together of an evening, even the roses don’t take that long to complete – so why do I feel like I’ve run a marathon??

Anyway, here it is – I have to admit I’m quite pleased with it. I shall probably use it like a briefcase and carry files to work in it (but not on wet days ;-). I find I keep thinking about what I’d improve if I do another……Nooooo………..Morphius, give me the blue pill now!!!!ImageImageImage


8 thoughts on “Why didn’t I take the blue pill?

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