Once you start down the dark path…..

It seemed like such a good idea at the time…convert this ugly jacket lurking in my wardrobe into something more attractive that I might actually wear…. Now I don’t normally indulge in ‘make do and mend’ activities because…
a) I’m rubbish at sewing
b) I have no flair for design if it doesn’t involve yarn
c) It just seems like too much trouble when I could simply buy what I want

Anyway, there it was, this linen jacket that I bought at a friend’s ‘nearly new’ clothing sale. I wore it once and decided it was a really ugly shape so it sat in the wardrobe, forgotten, squashed between other items, undiscovered for….who knows how long…until I had a massive clear out.  Now what I should have done is donated back to a charity shop but recently, I’d seen someone wearing a sleeveless short denim waistcoat over a summer frock and I thought – a little unwisely as it turned out – maybe I could turn my old jacket into one of these!

So I hacked off the sleeves and most of the length planning on edging it with some shop bought trimming. But then I found some cotton yarn I bought years ago when I fancied having a go at tatting. So out came my trusty ‘Good Housekeeping’ Needlecraft book for some stitch ideas…..

The shoulder edging was simple enough – a double crochet (single crochet for my USA buddies) border, with chain loops. Looks quite pretty and feminine on what was quite a mannish jacket I think. The bottom edge was a different matter – I really fancied having some fringing and beads but even lovely old ‘Needlecraft’ failed me here with a method so I decided to wing it. Yeah, well, not one of my finest crafting hours (or several hours as it turned out).

Anyway, once I started, I was determined to see it to the end and I’m reasonably happy with the results. At least I won’t get bored wearing it – untangling the beaded fringing is a great, and never-ending, game which will keep me amused for hours!

I wish I’d seen Stitches and Scraps blog on lacy edging before I’d started but hey I know for next time (huh likes that gonna happen 😉


6 thoughts on “Once you start down the dark path…..

  1. Too funny! I have so been there and could actually picture you thinking at that critical moment when you realize there is no turning back, “What was I thinking?”. But truly, all in all, it came out great!

  2. It’s beautiful 🙂 If you do want a less tangly fringe next time (and I think there SHOULD be a next time!) you could try a chain fringe, with beads worked into it. Here’s an example of a fringe, though there are other versions http://www.lionbrand.com/faq/451.html To add beads, you just thread as many beads as you think you will need onto the yarn first, and when you get to the end of each line of fringe, slide a bead up against the hook and continue working. Here’s a tutorial about how to crochet with beads: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MbLCuyfv-M

    • Thank you for the help (after seeing your beautiful edging samples I knew you’d have an answer). I’ll see how I get on – maybe I’ll end up ripping it off and starting again 😉

      • 🙂 if you do, let us know how it turns out! Alternately, If you don’t want to rip out, could you maybe just work a few stitches around each “tail” and slip stitch it into the bead edge and into the existing border to lock in place? Not sure if that would work or not

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