Ready for a stashtag


About 3-4 weeks ago, the lovely Peacefully Knitting blog featured a pretty stash busting project  for A Simple Sideways Triangle Scarf from Churchmouse Yarn & Teas.  The same day as I read it, I’d seen some balls of a lovely soft green yarn in a charity shop. I commented on the blog that it was not quite in the spirit of de-stashing to purchase yarn for the project but as soon as I’d seen the yarn I wanted it (see yarn, buy yarn) 😉 and this scarf was just perfect for it – clearly meant to be!! To cut a long story short …….bought the yarn …………….did the knitting ………………………….made the scarf!! And very pleased with it I am too – it will be toasty warm when winter comes. Definitely recommended as a stash-buster! Will make another soon methinks!


8 thoughts on “Ready for a stashtag

    • Hmm, might be a bit tight but if you adapted it a bit, you could still get a nice scarf out of it. I didn’t carry on increasing until I’d used up a whole skein/ball (as the pattern suggested) because I wanted it a bit thinner at the back. I increased till I had 65 sts and then knitted till the skein ran out, which gave me a nice rounded back rather than a point. If I do it again (and I will) I will try making it thinner still (maybe stop at 50 sts) and/or increase every 8 rows rather than every 4 to give it an even more gentle ‘V’ shape.

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