I love it when a plan comes together!

Take a blog on knitting with old T-shirts and another on making ‘a little rug to warm our toes’, add throwing out most the contents of the kids’ dressing up box (well they are 22 and 23) and combine with my son needing a bedside mat…………et voila…..


It was one of those happy juxtapositions of inspiration, materials and need so thank you fellow bloggers for giving me the eureka moment! Okay, there are a lot more sophisticated offerings out there and now I see the photo I can see it’s a bit misshapen but I’m chuffed to bits (and so is the son).

It’s made from old headscarves and various items of clothing and has a lovely soft scrunch when you step on it – plus lots of memories.

From top to bottom….

Headscarf that matched my mum’s old brolly

Head scarf from my mother-in-law (who sadly died before I met my hubby)

Scarf that went with my interview jacket when I was a student

Dress that last saw duty as a Cleopatra outfit for an 11 year old

Ra Ra dress from my student days

Shorts that had badly shrunk (or maybe it was me that expanded)

Ditto camisole top

Doncha just love upcycling!

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