We will remember……


Slightly out of the blue a friend asked me the other day if I would be knitting poppies for Remembrance Sunday this year. Now part of me questions that, if we all bought reusable poppies then how do the various veterans support agencies continue to make money….But as the owner of three delightful little stick pin poppy brooches bought over the last three years at the wonderful National Memorial Aboretum in Staffordshire, I think I’ve answered my own question!

Now, I hadn’t thought about it till she mentioned it but when I got home, I started looking at poppy patterns on the internet. There are quite a few out there of varying quality (one or two that look nothing like a poppy other than they are red with a black centre) but I did find a couple that I’m delighted with.

I particularly fell in love with the crochet pattern on theĀ 5000 Poppies blog which makes a real statement poppy (the three across the top of the picture). Obviously you can vary the size by using a smaller or larger crochet hook and the use of an oddment of eyelash yarn adds an authentic touch for the stamens. For those who prefer to be less flamboyant, I made a few small knitted poppies but for the life of me, I can’t find the the link to the pattern. It was very simple though – twisting the needle through 360deg gives the petal shape with no need for any fancy increasing and decreasing. If anynoe out there is familiar with the pattern, please let me know so I can acknowledge them.

Haven’t had time to make many but I’ll be offering them to friends and at church for a generous donation in aid of the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal….and hopefully they will wear their poppy with even more pride knowing that, not only is it showing support for a worthy cause but that it was handmade with love!