Tu whit, tu whoo…too wow!


Since I’m blogging about something I’ve made, the title may sound a bit self important but the ‘wow’ refers to how amazed I am at what I’ve achieved rather than how wonderful it is…and besides I quite liked the way it scanned!

This is another example of how random occurrences coalesce into a project. My son tells me his girlfriend likes owls (fact 1 stored away)…weeks later someone blogs about a craft magazine which has a picture of cable owl pattern mitts on its cover (fact 2 stored away)….weeks later my son tells me his girlfriend would like some fingerless mitts for Christmas…bingo!

Of course its so long since I saw the magazine blog I can’t find it again but undaunted I simply made it up….sizing from one pattern, cable rib from another, owl pattern adapted from one I found on the internet. I don’t normally wing it – I prefer to have a real pattern to follow but I’m really pleased with the results and its definitely given me the confidence to have another go at making it up as I go along.

Probably you are all fantastic crafters who never bother with patterns but for any other humble beings like me out there who are nervous of winging it, all I can say is, like my little owls, spread your wings and fly!!

PS: Thanks to Jane my lovely hand model and work colleague who modelled these for the photo.