Does whatever a spider can……

Meet Spiderdog, aka Alfie (unless they change his name to Peter Barker), my niece’s cute little Westie.

Months ago I promised to make Alfie a jumper but never got round to it. Christmas approached and I had every intention of knitting him a Santa outfit using a great (free) pattern from Drops Designs….but it never happened (Clair if you’re reading this there’s always this Christmas 😉

However, knowing we were going to be meeting up at a clan gathering soon I was determined to make this promised jumper – and for some reason which I really can’t fathom, I thought it would be fun to make him a Spiderman outfit. The knitting wasn’t too difficult but of course I didn’t leave myself anywhere near enough time for all the finishing touches, making the spiders, embroidering the web pattern, etc (apologies to all you organised people out there but hey, it does you good to realise how the rest of us lurch through life)!

Despite the fact I was finishing it off in the car as we arrived at the clan gathering I must admit to being quite pleased with the result – but when you’re as cute as Alfie you could make anything look good!  


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