Always knew we knitters were a stoic bunch!!


Mods Rule OK

Ooo, I am a bad person – I’m currently basking in a little glow of self satisfaction over how well my latest project has turned out and here I am blogging about it! How self congratulatory can you get!

My son’s friend is getting married soon and in his younger days (not so long ago as he’s only in his late 20s) he was a bit of a mod (short hair, drainpipes, parka, owned a Lambretta).¬†Anyway, wedding gift from us is a cafetiere complete with its own knitted hug – and I thought it would be fun to add a scooter design.

I haven’t done much intarsia recently or making chart patterns so there may be some of you who will look at it and go, pooh, I can do better than that…and many experienced knitters probably can…but I’m chuffed to bits with the result. And practice makes perfect, so I’ll be doing another to add to my Etsy shop.

Nights of the round Cable…

I’ve decided that I love cables! Who can fail to be entranced (and impressed) by the intricate designs with the almost Celtic influence, whilst even the simplest cable adds so much interest to a project.

So are you one of the Cable Cabal? The only problem I have is losing the cable needle – I frequently resort to stuffing it behind my ear, otherwise it has a disconcerting habit of disappearing of the face of the earth. I know that somewhere in space is a wormhole full of odd socks – could there be a similar one for cable needles???

Anyway, here’s a selection of patterns from some of my favourite projects.

Clockwise from top left we have earwarmer with fancy cable, scarf in reversible cable, snood and ear warmer (love the way the cable looks like it is sitting on top of the moss/seed stitch), fingerless mitts (mock cable cuff with cable owl), cafetiere/french press cover, sweater with cable detail.