By George, she’s GoT it!

I’m not totally ashamed to admit that it was Sean Bean that first attracted me to watch Game of Thrones on the telly and in the UK, we’re eagerly awaiting the new series to start on 7th April.

However, I am a bit ashamed to say that I’d never heard of Song of Ice & Fire or George R R Martin before GoT was screened -but I have made up for it since by reading all the books written so far. Both books and TV series are probably a bit more gory than I really like but I’m always fascinated by authors who can create such an elaborate fantasy world and make it seem so real. And although it can be intensely frustrating that Mr Martin is quite happy to kill off main characters just as you are getting to know and even like them, it does add a certain spice. (If he was a knitter you just know he’d be happy to unpick a whole sleeve just to rectify a mistake in row 3!)

Anyway, back to crafting. In honour of the start of the new series in April, I’ve started making a set of GoT house themed tea cosies. I want normal people (as in family and friends) to be able to use them as well so I’ve gone for the flavour of the house sigil rather than slavishly copying it.

So here’s my first – ‘Hear me Roar’, with House Lannister! Of course it would also suit a Gryffindor fan 😉