Upcycling, stash busting, memory sharing project!

Naked granny square bag

Clearing out a cupboard the other day, I found a box of the boys’ old pin badge collection ranging from ‘1 today’ to Biker Mice, to ‘I visited Hadrian’s Wall’ to ‘reading is cool’. Lots of memories in one little box – for me at least! When I mentioned it to them their reaction was “we create enough junk of our own without you adding to it, mum”.

So what do you do with a load of pin badges, other than stick them back in a box in the cupboard? I could (and may do yet) frame them and stick them on a wall somewhere but that’s a little boring. I did think about (and may do yet) a crocheted wall hanging – if I get really ambitious (and probably a lot more badges) I could make a fly curtain for the back door. What I did do in the end was use some of them to adorn a granny square bag!

It may not be to everyone’s taste, but I love it so that’s all that matters really! As we all know, small granny square projects are great for reducing the stash, I used some recycled fabric for lining and the badges create a talking point….so it really is an upcycling, stash busting, memory sharing project!

granny square bag with badges 1 granny square bag with badges 2


Game of Tea Cosies – number 5

Surprisingly, this wasn’t the hardest one to interpret – House Bolton, symbol a flayed man. In fact I rather enjoyed creating this one, even if it is a bit gruesome (well, I did use to be a biochemist once upon a time).

And of course, if you view it simply as a tea cosy, pretty pink petals on a beaded red background is quite an attractive combination. It’s not meant to resemble strips of skin and blood droplets at all, honest 😉

Tea with the Targaryens – GoT cosy no.4

Despite her time with the Dothrakis, I still think Daenerys would be more of a cinnamon chai than PG Tips sort of girl…and definitely leaf tea rather than bags. So this cosy would be perfect for her to keep the pot hot whilst watching her dragons at play.

When I was thinking about how to represent House Targaryen I immediately thought of dragon scales and, though I wasn’t sure how best to achieve the effect but I felt sure there had to be some sort of stitch that resembles scales. Nothing to be found in my ancient Good Housekeeping stitch bible but a quick Google introduced me to crocodile stitch. I did wonder how come it took me quite so long to complete but when each row comprised best part of 200 stitches, I suppose a week wasn’t too bad – interspersed with several other projects of course!

I’ve only made a ‘Drogon’ (black scales with red tips) but, having enjoyed creating it, I may do Rhaegal (green with bronze markings) and Viserion (cream with gold markings) versions as well.

Easter stash buster

Have been visiting a sick relative over the last few days so not conducive to undertaking any large projects but the ideal time to attack the stash! One crochet hook, 4 DPNs and a small bag of odds and ends and hey presto, my Easter tree has started to blossom. Its a work in progress but will have to stop soon – or get more twigs 😉

Game of Tea Cosies – number 3

So here’s the third in my Game of Thrones homage tea cosies – House Greyjoy. They rejoice in the wonderful motto of “We do not sow” – well, mate, neither do I…I knit or crochet (although sometimes I’m forced to sew a few seams if common sense has got the better of me and I’ve started on a sweater).

I’m very fond of my little kraken so thanks to Genuine Mudpie, which is where I found the pattern inspiration. Now did you get the other subtleties – I used a wave pattern for the cosy to give the impression of water but combined strands of grey and green to simulate algae covered rocks. I somehow don’t think the Iron Islands are exactly a tropical paradise 😉

By George, she’s GoT it – 2

And another one bites the dust – this time House Tyrell gets the makeover in my Game of Thrones tea cosy homage.  I love making crochet roses so this one gave me a lot of pleasure, despite being a really simple design.

I’d like to think that matriarch Olanna Tyrell (she’s the one played by wonderful British actress Diana Rigg) would have certain standards – which of course would include taking tea with her granddaughter Margaery and Sansa Stark in bone china cups and saucers served, of course, from a well cosied teapot!