Poor old Michael Finnegan…


….begin again! I don’t know the origins of the nursery rhyme ‘There was an old man named Michael Finnegan’ but since this post has absolutely nothing to do with that temporarily hirsute gentleman, it really doesn’t matter. It’s simply that the rhyme popped into my head as I was thinking that it was time to ‘begin again’ with my blog.

I can’t believe it is almost a year since I last put finger to keypad! It’s not as if I have had nothing to say (excuse double negative there). With my eldest son getting married a few months ago there has been plenty of material but somehow I haven’t felt a need to share it.

However, having just completed her Masters, my rather stunning and very talented niece has just joined the blogging community and she has inspired me to ….wait for it….begin again – are you humming the tune yet? So that’s it folks, no words of wisdom, no stunning revelations, just a few words to announce my reentry to to the blogosphere. Pop over to studiumliterarum and give her a few words of encouragement…maybe even a follow…whilst I get my act in gear for some stupendous insights into life, the universe and knitting (or not more likely ;-).